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We merge the human body with the digital world to create new experiences. And emotions.Swipe for more

Experiences are sensory

Human experiences are rooted in the physical.
Neuroscience shows our brain integrates touch with our other senses to create a sense of self by owning our body.

An unreal digital reality

Virtual and augmented reality experiences are currently disconnected from the body – and almost all senses.

Groundbreaking immersive technology

We take immersion to innovative heights.
Our technology creates a sensory experience with lived emotions, truly connecting the body with the digital world. Its uses in our daily lives are limitless.


Our cutting edge deep technology uses multiple innovations to stimulate the body and the mind

Robotic interface

MetaBody’s robotic interfaces interact with the skin, combining temperature, pressure and vibration to create a realistic tactile experience.

Neuroscience-based algorithms

Our algorithms mimic how the brain merges touch with vision, sound, proprioception and movement to create and restore lifelike multi-sensory experiences.

Soft, flexible and tailored

We use a mix of soft and flexible moulded and 3-D printed touch interfaces tailored to each person’s body and mind for an optimized experience.

MetaBody impact

By combining virtual reality and tactile stimulation, MetaBody has already shown it can create and restore multi-sensory experiences in the real world for real people.


MetaBody tricked people with artificial limbs into feeling and using their prosthetic as a real arm, leg or hand, while lessening the pain of a perceived phantom limb.


Our touch interfaces worn on the arms of a paraplegic patient at the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup in 2014, made him feel he was walking. In other studies, our technology restored body perception and reduced pain among spinal cord injury patients.

Illusory presences

Our technology has been used to induce and study complex experiences, such as the uncanny sensations of somebody nearby when no one is actually present.

Our vision

Positively transform lives by merging our physical and digital worlds.

Physical and Mental training
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MetaBody at work

After years of research and trials at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), MetaBody is now ready for use in daily lives.

Its innovative technology offers exciting and endless possibilities across diverse sectors.

From healthcare, lifestyle and well-being to entertainment, sports, the workplace and personal development, MetaBody can be adapted for different purposes.

We have created our first product using MetaBody.


Offering immersive experiences to transform your well-being.

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Who we are

Prof. Olaf Blanke, MD

Co-founder and scientific advisor

World leading neurologist & neuroscientist in body perception & consciousness using technology

Simon Gallo, PhD

Co-founder and Head of Technology

Touch engineer, 10 years of experience in haptics & wearable robotics to enhance body perception

Giulio Rognini, PhD

Co-founder and Head of Business Development

Roboticist & neuroscientist. Co-founded and collaborated with startups in the field of medical robotics

These are our lovely partners

EPFL Innogrant
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne
Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation

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