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We merge the human body with the digital world to create new experiences. And emotions.Swipe for more

Experiences are sensory

Human experiences are rooted in the physical.
Neuroscience shows our brain integrates touch with our other senses to create a sense of self by owning our body.

An unreal digital reality

Virtual and augmented reality experiences are currently disconnected from the body – and almost all senses.

Groundbreaking immersive technology

We take immersion to innovative heights.
Our technology creates a sensory experience with lived emotions, truly connecting the body with the digital world. Its uses in our daily lives are limitless.


Our pioneering neuro-haptic skin generates targeted sensations, feelings, and emotions in the brain through stimulation of the body, transforming the way we perceive the digital world.

Flexible and Scalable

MetaTouch is made of a soft, biocompatible, silicone layer that can take any shape, size, and even be 3D printed. MetaTouch can be used on the entire body, from the feet to the neck, and even inside the ear!

Life-like bodily stimulation

MetaTouch stimulates the two most intimate senses, touch and temperature, and can be integrated with other immersive technologies and physiological sensing.

From the body to the brain

MetaTouch effectively “hacks” the nervous system via the surface of the skin. This is only possible by combining the richest haptic feedback with advanced mapping of how haptic stimulation affects mental states.


Metaphysiks will contribute to humanizing the Metaverse, bringing physical and emotional engagement to the digital world.


MetaTouch creates a digital world where it is possible to increase focus during meditation or have a more efficient power nap while feeling the waves of your favorite ocean.


Be IN the game, both physically and emotionally. MetaTouch extends what your senses can feel, perceiving your environment as well as sharing your intentions and emotions through unique thermal and touch feedback.


MetaTouch creates a digital world where it is possible to remotely experience the human connection and healing interaction with a therapist.

Our vision

Positively transform lives by merging the best of both the physical and digital worlds.

Physical and Mental training
More coming soon

MetaTouch at work

After years of research and trials at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), MetaTouch is now ready for use in daily lives.

Its innovative technology offers exciting and endless possibilities across diverse sectors.

From healthcare, lifestyle and well-being to entertainment, sports, the workplace and personal development, MetaTouch can be adapted for different purposes.

We have created our first product using MetaTouch.


Offering immersive experiences to transform your well-being.

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Who we are

Prof. Olaf Blanke, MD

Co-founder and scientific advisor

World leading neurologist & neuroscientist in body perception & consciousness using technology

Simon Gallo, PhD

Co-founder and Head of Technology & Product

Haptic engineer, 10 years of experience in haptics & wearable robotics to enhance body perception

Giulio Rognini, PhD

Co-founder and Head of Partnerships

Roboticist & neuroscientist. Co-founded and collaborated with startups in the field of medical robotics

These are our lovely partners

EPFL Innogrant
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne
Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation

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